Anime Texas is an organization that hosts some incredible and fun events in Dallas and Houston. We bring together all sorts of folk to celebrate their love of Japanese anime and everything else associated like cosplay and video games.

Anime Conventions in Texas

With many of the greatest audio recording and animation studios located in the state of Texas, it should be no secret that Texas is anime strong! Anime Texas events are fan-centric anime experiences that celebrate all that the robust Texas anime community has to offer.

Our events are built for you – the anime fans! We are happy to offer a chance to visit one-on-one with some of your favorite anime voice actors, as well as the opportunity to shop from and enjoy awesome vendors and amazing artists, great panels, exciting entertainment, and impressive cosplay!

What’s best is that we do all this at a price that won’t break the bank. Making Anime Texas events affordable and reachable by attendees of all kinds is a priority for us.

What is Anime Dallas?

Anime Dallas represents the joy and love of anime fans! We celebrate 3 days of fun, anime, and more! The convention is an annual event that now takes place at the Hyatt Regency Dallas hotel in downtown Dallas, Texas!

What is Anime Houston?

John Swasey expanded our events to Houston to celebrate the fact that Texas is a Mega-Hub for anime! And many of your favorite voice actors and anime studios are based in Houston, making it yet another incredible destination event for anime fans. Anime Houston is held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Houston hotel.

What People Say

What an amazing and well-organized convention! I am already looking for more conventions in the area to attend because this experience was awesome.

Jose M.

I have been to other conventions and this was easily one of my favorites. It was so fun that I will be back every year.

Maria R

This was our first convention and I have to say what a blast it was. We did not know what to expect and we were blown away.

Lopez Family

We hope to see you soon!